“I attribute the success we enjoy today to our commitment to intentionally develop our culture. We could never have done this without the expert coaching we received from the LEGACY Center team.” 

John St. Pierre 

President and Founder of Legacy Retail Services

Mid-Sized Digital Installation Services Company: Visioning a New Culture

As a fast-paced, entrepreneurial company that provides installation services for kiosks, POS, and digital signage, the company’s leadership team was facing challenges with staff turnover, inconsistent sales, and less than desired customer service levels. Something needed to change. With the help of The LEGACY Center, the leadership team crafted the foundation for a new culture. The results speak for themselves. In the two years since the team focused on a values and results-driven culture this organization met or exceeded their business goals, retained their internal talent and satisfied their customer base.

The Challenge – High Turnover resulting in Customer Service Issues
This digital installation services company provides major retailers across the US installation and project lifecycle management solutions for their digital signage, fixture and POS needs. A network of over 5000 local technicians across North America is leveraged to provide services at retail and commercial locations. The nature of the business requires expert resource management, quick planning and implementation, and 24/7 project visibility in order to meet the customer’s deadline. High organizational cohesion is critical to project success.

Critical Business Issues:

  • Rev growth -22.7%
  • Employee retention 31.2%

However, the organization was facing issues with low employee retention, inconsistent customer response time and service quality, and eventually declining revenue growth. The founder and President of the company also recognized a lack of trust from their customer base and commented, “When the leaders of the business looked to the core of the problem – we realized it was being driven lack of commitment and engagement of our team.”

The Solution – Clarity and Visioning for Success
The LEGACY Center worked with the leadership team to gain visibility into the cultural aspects of the business, and shape a culture that would drive the business forward. A 2 day workshop was developed to:

  • Create a forum for open dialogue
  • Measure cultural and behavioral factors
  • Define vision, objectives and goals of company
  • Develop action plans
  • Align people

Open discussions were required to identify what was keeping the organization from moving forward. A Cultural Values Assessment (CVA) was used to pinpoint the behaviors and values that were driving the business. A high level of organizational entropy was identified as a root cause of inefficiency and churn within the business.

Next, the team outlined their new vision and the values and behaviors that would help get them there. The vision for their success was energizing!

Results – Increased Talent Retention and Client Satisfaction
With strong leadership commitment from the top and buy in by the team, the next step was to cascade vision and expectations throughout the organization. A focused communications program was launched – focusing on accountability and the identified elements for success. These elements were reinforced by the organization’s leader with on-going support from the LEGACY Center. Annual Cultural Assessments continue to provide insight to the organization so they can leverage their culture to drive the business forward. Today, the results of this fundamental cultural work has paid off:

2012 2013 Positive % Change


19% 9% 52.6%


31.2% 58.8% 88.4%


-22.7% +36.4% 36.4%

The specificity of this plan was key to its success: expectations were clear and agreed to by the entire leadership team.

This company continues to work with the LEGACY Center to improve, grow, and protect their culture.