Custom Organizational Health and Leadership Development Services

The LEGACY Center offers 3 customizable CultureFIT programs that help you build a healthy, thriving culture.


CultureFIT: Leadership Values Alignment Program

1/2 Day Senior Leadership Alignment Workshop

The Legacy Center invites your leaders to take part in an engaging and revealing workshop session that will help them recognize the personal values that drive their leadership and the impact that those values are having on their organizations.  Working from the results of a brief survey (completed before the session by each leader), each leader will have a personalized view of his or her organization through the lens of what values are observed and desired.  In addition to learning about the latest work surrounding the creation of values-based cultures, participants will leave with a deeper understanding of their critical role in the intentional development of the values that they want driving the organization to success.

Your leaders will leave this session with plenty of key personal learnings, including

  • What are the values that I hold most dear and how do I respond when they are challenged?
  • What values do I want to make sure are authentically at play in my organization?
  • How healthy is my organization’s culture today?  How am I personally driving the culture?

CultureFIT: Organizational Values Integration Program

6 Months Organizational Development Program

The LEGACY Center offers a comprehensive 6 month Organizational Values Integration Program. Beginning with a values-based small group assessment, a customized 2-Day workshop for your senior leadership team is designed to assess their impact and influence within the organization. This workshop provides the foundation of commitment and awareness necessary for intentional culture development by incorporating dynamic team events, personal & organizational values assessment, and definition of core values and supporting behaviors.

Your Sr. Leadership team will walk away inspired by shared leadership commitment, cultural clarity and insight on developmental opportunities, and a values roadmap necessary for beginning organizational cultural development work.

Following this foundational offsite work, the next element of work continues to focus on the senior leadership team, centering on the development of authentic alignment to the organizations values and supporting behaviors. Through an insightful, values-based 360º process that includes 1:1 coaching as well as monthly senior team meetings, the senior team is grounded in the values and readied for an organizational launch.

Once the senior leaders are prepared, a well-designed organizational values-launch is executed. Working with the LEGACY Center and our Certified Cultural Practitioners, a combination of hands-on workshops and communication strategies are rolled out. The rollouts balance time-tested best practices with your organization’s unique structure and environment.

CultureFIT: Values Branding & Communications Service
Reinforcement & Visualization to Support Your Values Integration Program

The LEGACY Center offers solutions in which you can package your values to reinforce your on-going communications. Services include values identification branding, creative development, and communication programs tailored to your organization. Visit www.dempseygrp.com for LEGACY Center marketing support.

CultureFIT: Organizational Health Protection Program
On-going Support to Maintain Organizational Health

The LEGACY Center offers customized, on-going support and resources for organizations who wish to continue their organizational health and leadership development efforts. Our Organizational Health Protection Program includes measurement of your culture using the annual Cultural Values Assessments with on-site review, Leadership 360° Feedback, and mid-year accountability support. This program helps organizations avoid cultural deterioration and helps ensure on-going organizational effectiveness.