Hands-on Partner – every step of the way

We Are Practitioners, Not Consultants
Most consultants take a theory-based approach to organizational health, however they have not experienced what they are coaching – they haven’t lived it. Consultants typically uncover issues, but often do not stick around to help you develop and execute a solution. When they do, many consultants offer rigid “cookie-cutter” solutions that do not meet the specific needs of a business.

We’ve learned through our work with clients of all shapes and sizes, it takes more than just consulting to get it right. It requires a partner willing to roll up their sleeves throughout the cultural development journey. The LEGACY Center partners with our clients at every step – from initial assessment & analysis, to defining core values & behaviors, to building a tailored & highly communicative action plan, through to plan implementation and on-going organizational health maintenance.

We Measure Culture
Culture can be developed, and it starts with measuring and analyzing the drivers of culture within an organization. Our certified practitioners use proven tools & methodologies to measure the current and desired state of your company’s culture. Measuring culture is both art and science – and when you can measure it, you have insight to how to intentionally develop it.


“We’ve used other consultants to help us create the culture we wanted. None of it ever lasted. I could never get my arms around any actionable plan. But the information we’ve received through The LEGACY Center process has been valuable and actionable. And thanks to their continued participation with us it has also been sustainable”

– Ascentia Executive, 2017