Our Cultural Health Model

Our goal at the LEGACY Center is to partner with clients to develop healthy workplace cultures that support long-term business success. Organizations with healthy cultures benefit from having highly-engaged, highly-productive people – and ultimately become the organizations that seek to positively impact the world around them.

We have a proven methodology for working alongside our clients to measure & define their culture, align shared values across their organization, & reinforce behavior through modeling and communication. Our approach takes organizations on a journey of continuous effort and action – on their Pathway to Legacy.


Phase 1: Commit to cultural health .

In the commit phase, senior leadership teams are engaged to commit to the long-term process of building a values-driven organization.  This phase is about the heart of your senior leaders, establishing commitment, trust, and accountability for what will be a long and meaningful journey together. Focus is placed on the impact and influence of the leadership team, and the values and behaviors they exhibit. This foundational session is designed to create higher self-awareness and commitment to the culture change in the organization.


Phase 2: Measure your culture.

Unique to the LEGACY Center, during the measure phase a current state “picture” of the organizational culture is established using a Cultural Values Assessment and other cultural development tools.  This process provides clear insight into your organizational culture –strengths, opportunities for improvement, and levels of entropy – setting the stage for customized action plans to transform your organization.


Phase 3: Define purpose and future direction.

In the define phase, your organization’s foundational mission, vision, values, and behaviors are clearly refined and defined to ensure alignment with your intended legacy. Future direction and a concise communication path are developed to assist you in sharing this information throughout your organization.


Phase 4: Align values, people, and processes.

During the align phase, the goal is to develop authentic senior leadership alignment to the espoused values. Through a combination of team sessions and 360° feedback and coaching, the leadership team is prepared for an organizational launch. Once competency is achieved, core values are rolled out to the rest of your organization through planned, cascading communication/transformation efforts.  These efforts are supported by reforming human systems, processes, and disciplines for long-term cultural sustainability and growth.